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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

it keeps growing and growing and growing...

In case you haven't been lucky enough to witness the chub that is now my belly, here is a brief pictorial summary of the past almost 8(!!!!!) months!
I actually thought this qualified as a belly - lets say my perspective has changed.

During the "That girl needs to lay off the wings" stage.

The "I think she is pregnant, but I don't want to get hit if I ask her when she is due" stage.

Whoa! How brave am I to put a bare belly pic on the Internet?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How you know your husband is ready for kids...

1. Now when he smiles at a baby, it's first reaction isn't to scream bloody murder.
2. After putting together the crib he comments: "I think that we need some steel beams for reinforcement on the bottom."
3. He refuses to relinquish control of the scanner when registering at BOTH Target and Babys R Us.
4. Therefore, you find things on the registry that you never even saw...nor wanted
5. Stroller shopping includes getting a Kelly Blue Book value rating.
6. He doesn't roll his eyes when looking at baby clothes.
7. The car restoration is no longer priority one.
8. You actually have disagreements over baby hats with bear ears versus baby hats with rabbit ears.
9. He doesn't complain about cat pan duty.
10. He now likes a fat belly.