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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 months

AJ and I are constantly amazed by how much Annaleigh seems to grow up every day. She is really starting to show her personality more and more! She definitely knows what she wants - and will try her hardest to let you know what that is. This month she has also taken a real interest in the dogs. She loves to lean over the side of her bouncer and look at them, and if either dog gets close enough she will try to grab them. Luckily both dogs have short hair, but Dutch has some extra skin that her little fingers will wrap right around. It is a good thing he is very patient!
Annaleigh also likes some 90's dance moves. When she gets really excited while on her stomach she tries to do the worm!
Here is our peanut (Our 16 pound peanut!) at 6 months...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

On Father's Day AJ got the best present that he could ask for - a whole day with no home improvement projects! He was going to get out of making dinner too, but he couldn't resist the siren's song of the grill. (Actually I just didn't want to hold the baby while wielding the grilling tongs)

For Father's Day Annaleigh was a sweetie and posed beautifully for some pictures for her daddy. She was so good - it was well past her bedtime by the time the photographer got to us, but she smiled the whole time! I think she know that the pictures were for her favorite daddy! She wore her Fender tee shirt and drooled all over AJ's guitar.

Annaleigh is lucky to have such an awesome dad!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Here fishy, fishy, fishy

Summer is finally here and boy have we been enjoying it! I love being able to stay home with Annaleigh now that school is out. I'm not sure if AJ loves it as much as I do since summer usually means lots of home improvement projects. (We we bought 8 gallons of paint at the Home Depot. eeek!)

When we aren't covered in paint at home we have been spending a lot of time at my parent's house - both because they are super cool and have a pool. Annaleigh seems to take after her parents and be a little fishy.
I bought her a bathing suit when she was about 4 months old - it is supposed to fit babies up to 18 pounds. I think the manufacturers may have mislabeled it since she looked like a baby sausage. As you can see it barely covered her baby boobies.

Here she is in her bathing suit with little horses on it. This one is the nine month size and fits a lot better. (Thanks Uncle Tom and Aunt Karen!) Check out her cool shades.

Annaleigh got a great crab floaty from AJ's parents. It has a sun roof and a little area to splash in - she loves it!