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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nine Months

At her nine month doctor's appointment, Annaleigh was 27 inches long and 18lb 10 oz. She is near the 50th percentile for height and weight so we have some hope that she won't be a shrimp.
This month she had to start wearing the 12 month pjs, and size three diapers. It seems like Annaleigh has gotten so big all of a sudden! She has gotten to be a super-crawler and can squat down and stand up if she has a wall or table to balance on. This month she has started to pay more attention when we read at bed time - her favorite part is turning the pages. (From right to left too!) She has started to show some preference for her stuffed animals too - she will put a foot into her mouth to carry Winnie the Pooh when she crawls around.

Monday, September 20, 2010


If you know how picky I am, you would be amazed at what Annaleigh will eat. Luckily she got her love of all foods from her dad! This crazy kid will even pass over apples to get to broccoli. Who does that?

Sadly she is less messy than my 4th graders after spaghetti day.

Notice the star stuck to her face?

Her first foray into pizza. That dazed look is because she can't get over the cheesy goodness of it all. Please check out the cheese in her hair.

This is a "Magic Pop" - like a glorified rice cake. Before mastication it was a big as her head.

It's a date

We recently got together with the Krugers to watch some football and let the kids play. Braden proved he will be a awesome big brother in March when Stephanie has baby #2! He was so sweet to Annaleigh, and AJ and I got a taste of what we will be in for in about a year...

Braden loved to feed Emory- she loved it too.

Going for a ride in the duck.

Annaleigh is not old enough to realize that swings are scary. Braden is a bit more savvy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In, Out, On, Under, Above, Through

As you know, my kid is a genius. Lately she has been demonstrating her understanding of prepositions.
Chin on the ball
Pants upon the head

In the toy basket

Amid the dirty laundry

Under the activity table

Beside the dog

Behind the curtain