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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Last year at Christmas my most vivid memory of Annaleigh was that she screamed like a banshee every time we set her down to try to get a picture of her. This year she was so excited to check out all of her presents. Present opening took a long time since she wanted play with each present as she opened it. Eventually I got to open a lot of her presents, otherwise we would have been unwrapping until the new year.

The monster and her presents:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

I know I say it each month, but we can not believe that Annaleigh is already one year old! We have had the best year watching our sweet pea grow up, and the changes have been tremendous!

This month Annaleigh has gotten very fast. She loves to run towards things she knows not to touch (dog food, toilet paper) and laughs hysterically when we catch her. Annaleigh is also in love with the cats and will follow them down the hall yelling. She also lays on her tummy to look under the bed for them. Luckily the cats are fast and Annaleigh has not figured out how to sneak up on them yet.

Annaleigh will eat just about anything that you put in front of her, and has a special love for spaghetti, pizza, and fruit snacks. She has three teeth, two on the bottom and one the top, with the second top tooth on its way. We are also lucky to have a great sleeper- about 12-13 hours at night with a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.

We have been so blessed!


The Zilker Tree

Last year AJ and I went to the Trail of Lights at Zilker Park with the hope that some walking would make me go into labor. This year there was no Trail of Lights, but we still had a great time taking Annaleigh to see the big tree and spin under it. Neither AJ or I have done this before - I was a bit to big an uncoordinated last year - but we finally got to see what all the fuss is about. Here is a quick video of what you get to see as you stand under the lights and spin:

At first Annaleigh wasn't sure what was going on - she couldn't figure out that she needed to look up. However, once we had her lie in our arms, she was thrilled! She got a bit unhappy whenever we tried to stop, and every time we sat her up she would try to lie down again. The best part was when we set her on the ground - she could barely walk two steps without falling down!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa fail.

I would love to post a cute picture of my kid sitting on Santa's lap, smiling for the camera. I really would. However it is not to be.

After going to the Domain and spending 45 minutes walking around trying to locate Santa (including a call to my dad to check online since my phone is still in the ice age) we finally found an elf at Toys'R'Us to let us know that we were in Phase I of the Domain and Santa was in Phase II. (Seriously, what mall has Phases?) We loaded Annaleigh back in the car and headed over to Phase II and found Santa. And his line of kids waiting to get terrified by the fat man in the red suit. After hemming and hawing about whether to bother with a picture that was going to cost AT LEAST $25!!!!!!!!! we waited in line for another 45 minutes. Annaleigh was surprisingly calm and patient with all of this crap. When we got to our turn AJ sat on the chair with Santa and Annaleigh was fine. Smiling, laughing as Santa tickled her. As soon as she was handed off to the big man all hell broke loose. She looked up and started screaming like she has never screamed before. There was no getting her back. Santa was the thing that nightmares are made of.

The thing is the pictures were hysterical! Santa looking at her a smiling, her looking at him and screaming. However, $25 is a bit much for a screaming baby picture. Oh well, maybe next year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Party Time!

We celebrated Annaleigh's first birthday on December 19th, she had a great time opening presents and smashing cake everywhere!

Cupcakes for our little cupcake.
Annaleigh liked to open the presents, but was easily distracted by the paper that she ripped off. Each piece had to be inspected and tasted.
She loved the cupcake, especially the candle!
Playing with her kitchen.
This is a race track that spins cars around and shoots them out. Annaleigh prefers to think of it as a jungle gym.

Dutch and Emory are glad that she has a new tail to pull now.

O Christmas tree!

We finally got around to getting a Christmas tree on December 17th, though we weren't sure it was going to happen - we like to support the charity groups that have trees each year, but they were all closed so we had to go to Home Depot. Not quite the tree shopping experience of my youth, but it was cheap!

Annaleigh enjoyed the trees, though she wasn't sure what the point was. She likes the tree much better with all the fun decorations that she can remove each day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Puppy Love

When we first brought Annaleigh home the dogs were not bothered by her too much - a little crying and some yummy poop smells - she had both pros and cons.

There are still some pros and cons in their opinions:

Pro: Throws food of high chair
Con: Plays in dog food and throws it on the floor
Pro: Still makes awesome poops - In the house!
Con: We still have to poop outside.
The dogs pretty much ignore her still, but every once in a while Annaleigh wants a puppy snuggle. Luckily Dutch puts up with it.

A seriously good dog.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Swing Swing

This kid loves to swing! Her hands were like icicles when we left the park, but I think she would have stayed for hours.