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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mmmm Mmmm good...or not

Yesterday was Annaleigh first foray into the 'solid' (we use that term loosely when talking about baby food) food arena. I'm not sure if any of the rice cereal wound up actually in her mouth. It is a good thing that bib has a little trough at the bottom to catch the drips. We will try again tomorrow.
Or maybe we will just start to feed her blankets.

We are Family...

We have had a busy week recently! On Sunday we had Annaleigh baptized, and we were lucky enough to have AJ's parents and my grandma come into town to spend some time with the peanut. AJ's parents came in on Tuesday the 20th. His mom had been here before to see the baby, but this was is dad's first time to see her. Of course, Annaleigh had them both wrapped around her little fingers...just like the rest of her family. My grandma came in the following day, and was just as excited to see her.
Annaleigh and Grandmama

On Saturday we all went to the Oasis, one of my favorite places, for dinner. Annaleigh was a party girl.
We told her not to drink the whole thing. . . light weight.

Chris came too. Doesn't he take a nice picture with his grandma?
On Sunday we had Annaleigh baptized. She was silent through the whole service, and as soon as we went up to the front she decided that she didn't want to be the center of attention. Luckily she settled down by the time the pastor took her. She was very good while he held her. I think that she felt the water and was hoping that it was bath time!

We had some people over to my parent's house afterward. We had some delicious "fried" turkey (made in an infrared fryer) and cake. This was my first attempt with fondant - please ignore the wrinkles.

We had a great week with all our guests - we can't wait to go to NY this summer to visit!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Four months

I think that this month has been the most exciting one yet - Annaleigh reached her first big milestone - rolling over. it took her a while to get the technique down, but once she got it, there was no stopping her. The night that she finally figured out how to roll over I had her on the floor and looked away for a moment and she had almost barrel rolled into the coffee table! Now she loves to try to roll over on the changing table, the bed, the couch...anything she can fall off of! (Luckily we have avoided that so far)

Annaleigh is also devloping quite a personality. She loves the bath tub- no matter what mood she is in she cheers up as soon as we go in the bathroom. She smiles when she knows we are going to pour water on her, and opens her mouth really wide when her face is washed. She also takes after her parents - she loves music. At church she is silent until the sermon starts, and when she is in her jumper she yells as soon as the music stops. AJ and I have frequent 'discussions' about whether she will be a guitar or double reed player. (I say her tiny hands will fit around an oboe better than a guitar. He tends to disagree)

At her four month appointment she was 13 lbs 10.5 oz and 23.25 inches tall. Are we suprised that she is only in the 10th percentile for her height?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Annaleigh learned to roll over about three weeks ago. Let's just say she learned that feat a lot faster than I learned how to use Movie Maker.

Monday, April 12, 2010

An official Texan

We recently went to take some official "Texan" pictures of our little girl. Nothing is as cute as babies in bluebonnets, right? Well, our kid thought there was nothing cute about it at first! It was a pretty hot and sunny day, and Annaleigh decided that she wanted nothing to do with the whole thing. She did cheer up towards the end and we got a bunch of cute pictures. (Check out the drool string in the second one!) We are looking forward to next year's pictures - she will probably be walking through the flowers!

Annaleigh's 1st Easter

Annaleigh's first Easter was a busy one! We did not get to the mall for the requisite screaming baby on the Easter bunny's lap - we will save that treat for next year! On Sunday morning I had to play in the orchestra for two church services, leaving AJ to get Annaleigh dressed and to church without me. I wish that I was able to sit with them during the service, but AJ sat where I could see them. I made sure to point out my cutie to the other members of the orchestra, and it is official - she is the cutest kid ever!
After church we had my parents and our friend Amber over for dinner. We watched some classic TV (no, not the Ten Commandments - The Sound of Music) and had too much food. All in all it was a great day!

Here she is in her Easter dress on Mommy's lap.

Our first Easter as a family of three!