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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lions and Tiger and Bears, Oh My!

It was great to be off over spring break! AJ and I got a change to take Annaleigh to the Austin Zoo, somewhere we have never been before. The Zoo is mostly rescue animals, and started out as a sanctuary/rehabilitation center. It was neat to see how the animal enclosures have been worked into the Texas landscape - it is a lot less manufactured that other zoos that we have been too - especially the Buffalo zoo, right in the middle of the city! Annaleigh was not in the mood to ride in her stroller, so we ended up pushing my purse and her diaper bag around, while trying to keep up with her! She loved the chickens and peacocks that roam free outside, as well as the birds and monkeys - I think that she was attracted to all of the noise that they made. One of her favorite animals was the pigs (so exotic) since they were near the edge of their pen and so easy to spot. I think that we may need to get one for our house too.
My favorite part - watching the tortises eat rrrreeealllllyyy sslloooowwww.