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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Busy, Busy

Funny how everything seems to happen at once – it seems like lately we have been encountering changes everywhere we look!

As you know from our last post, we are put our house up for sale a couple weeks ago, and we already accepted an offer on our place! We are thrilled that it happened so fast – with a new baby coming I was afraid of being 9 months pregnant and trying to move too! If everything goes as planned we will close by August 12, which means we have to start looking for a new home immediately. Ideally we are trying to find a place that has at least 3 bedrooms plus a living room, loft or other room we can use as an office/music room. We are also hoping for a lot big enough to eventually build AJ a nice workshop and put in a pool. (Obviously in the distant future!) There is one place that is just about perfect, so after we look at a few more houses later this week, we will make a decision.

I also am officially the new librarian at Deep Wood Elementary! I started my master’s degree last summer, and decided not going to look for a new job this year once we found out I was pregnant. However the librarian at my school retired at the last minute – it seemed like too good of a chance to pass up, so I interviewed and got the job! I am so excited for this new change. It will be great to be able to work in a place I love in a new capacity. Getting ready for this job will require lots of extra staff development, plus I go back to work a week earlier than the teachers, so I will be very busy getting started in the new job!

This summer AJ has also had the opportunity to teach guitar summer camps at the school he works at, so he has been gone most of the day getting home in time for Annaleigh’s bedtime. It hasn’t been an issue until this week when my car broke down. Now he gets to work from 10:30-8:30, then get home and work on the car, lucky guy. Being stranded at home with no car is about to drive me crazy too.

On Sunday we leave for Port Aransas for a quick vacation. This will be our first vacation in Texas, and our first vacation ever with Annaleigh. We can’t wait to get out of town and relax before moving into a new house and heading back to work.

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